TITAN Extreme Sports Show

BMX, Skate, Blade, Scooter…  It’s all going down when the awesome TITAN Half Pipe is unleashed.
The ultimate event tool and an engineering masterpiece of steel and timber, TITAN has the ability to stir a crowd long before
the show starts as the RampRage Black Ops Crew get to work on site.
When show time comes it’s all about the high impact production with as the Demo Crew get to work
with the live DJ and show Compare.
Check out TITAN & the RampRage Crew in action at London’s Old Spitalfields Market in this video.


Freestyle BMX Jump Show

Two quarter pipes and one jump box is all the RampRage Crew need to make the crowds go wild when the Freestyle BMX Jump Show
comes to town.
Expect plenty of death defying big air action as the Riders launch their front and back flips from the jump box to the often amazement
of the audience.
See some Jump Show action for yourself by clicking this video of the RampRage Crew with the Jump Show in Phoenix Park.



TITAN meets Jump Show to form the incredible Rage Stage creating a huge event footprint which is ideal for large scale events and festivals.
The scale of the Rage Stage allows for multiple Riders at once, creating an awe inspiring production of world-class action while offering spectator viewing angles from al over.
Feast your eyes on the first ever outing of the Rage Stage at Sea Sessions Surf & Music Festival in this video.



Breakdance/BBoy is considered the founding influence behind all street dance styles and is still renowned as one of
the most technical forms of the art.
The RampRage resident FloorB Crew are one of the most respected Crews in UK & Ireland and have performed
their spellbinding moved to huge audiences right across the land.
Watch FloorB founders Kim & Paul lay it down at T13.



Parkour is one of the coolest sports about and the RampRage ‘FreeRun4’ are the hottest crew on the streets.
Commonly known as ‘Free Running’ and increasingly popularised through the movie and music video industries, Parkour
is a form of new age urban gymnastics where the highly skilled RampRage Athletes demonstrate their amazing core strength
and bravery while hurdling across the natural urban environment.




Embraced as an expressive modern art form, Urban Art has undergone somewhat of a renaissance in recent years
since being popularised by a string of high profile Artists.
Live Urban Art creation is a spellbinding experience for the audience and the RampRage collective boasts some of
today’s most influential creatives in the land.
Check this out.