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Add an extra dimension to your event and look into our exclusive workshops options which allow participants to learn at a safe pace while under the watchful eye of our experienced instructors from the T13 Urban Sports Academy.

Our exclusive modules covering sport, art, dance and music are a chance for the pubic to get involved and maximise their RampRage experience.
We supply the public liability insurance that covers participation and our instructors are first aid trained and we have our own child protection policy.
Our exciting workshops are suitable for all types of events including public carnivals and festivals, corporate team building, schools outings, summer schemes and youth groups as an introduction to urban culture.


Developed in the early 1950’s by the Californian Surfing Clan, the popularity of skateboarding as a sport, recreational activity or even a mode of transport is at an all time high.


Conhuir Lynn: Ireland’s number 1 professional skateboarder. Conhuir has traveled the globe rep- resenting Northern Ireland as part of Etnies Euro- pean Skate Team. As a regular in many skate- boarding articles and videos, in the Feb 2011 issue of Sidewalk Magazine, his interview spanned 14 amazing pages, the longest for any skater to date.

He is an icon to many of the young skaters and a fantastic coach and role model.


BMX started in the early 1970s when children began racing their bicycles on dirt tracks in southern California, drawing inspiration from the motocross superstars of the time. BMX racing was a phe- nomenon by the mid-1970s and from this popularity spawned several disciplines.


Matthew Gillespie AKA Capt Matt G: Captain Matt G is Ire- land’s most influential BMX Rider and represents everything that is great about BMX and the extensive culture that sur- rounds it. Matt is Chairman of Belfast Urban Sports. The local charity behind the Peace III funded Bridges Urban Sports Park, due for release Summer 2011.

Matt has represented Northern Ireland in competitions all around Europe and has been guiding the development of the next wave of local champions.

Matt’s extensive experience in delivering Workshops has seen a huge leap forward in the BMX industry in Ireland.


Bboying is the original term given to Break Dancing, which was born in the early 80’s and has remained a powerful and explosive dance form to this day.

Although considered mainly as an under- ground dance form, bboying has seen a re- vival in recent years through the popularity of TV dance shows and competitions.

This dance form focuses on full body movement, a mix of explosive moves and intricate floor work all while analysing the music and manipulating the dance form around every element of the music, with a strong focus on individuality and character.

Bboying is considered the founding influence behind all street dance styles and is still renowned as one of the hardest dances to perform. Its training methods include cardio, muscle training, flexibility and stamina.

MEET THE CREW: Kim Calvert – Bgirl Soul-lo

from the renowned B.C.B and Crazy squad crew are the masters behind Floor B T13s’ resident Break Squad.

Kim and her crew deliver to individuals on an hour-by- hour basis, as part of group taster session or as a stand- alone workshop class.


Parkour is the training method that focuses on rational movement in both the natural and urban environments.

This new age sport focuses on the movement of a person through obstacles with speed and efficiency. The main purpose of the discipline is to teach participants how to move through their environment by vaulting, rolling, running, climbing and jumping.

Parkour is known as a sport that combines the discipline and agility usually associated with gymnastics and combat sports training.

MEET THE CREW: FR5 – The Free Run 5

Five of the best young exponents of Parkour in Ireland double as our demo team and instructors. Ranging from 14-17 years they are led by Paul Allen, resident Roller Blade professional and gymnastic athlete.

This energetic crew of athletes are urban sport role models and Ambas- sadors for our ‘Live It’ Initiative.


Art plays a pivotal role in Urban Culture; our artists understand the message of street and reproduce this in a colourful and expressive way.

We use Urban Art for various applications; it can be used as a tool in reconciliation, therapy and for tool-ing participants with the skills to be proficient and safe when using artistic techniques.